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Sean Berg, the owner of Bergstok Music adds, “Although current design prototypes don’t have them, these guitars will also feature a volume and tone control that can be unplugged from one side of the guitar and plugged in on the other side.  I just need to source the appropriate components to make that happen. The prototypes have volume controls on both sides of the guitar which are assignable using slide switches on the back of the guitar, but we intend to eliminate those switches to simplify the design.  This is one of the processes for which we are seeking Kickstarter backing.”

Modular Pickups:  The patent pending modular pickups use a steel plate mounted in the guitar with conductive strips connected to the guitar wiring, and pickup frames that house the pickups with magnets to hold them to the plate.  This setup allows various combinations of pickups to connect to either of two guitar pickup channels.  The pickup frames can also house pickup configuration and channel assign switches.  With successful Kickstarter backing, Bergstok Music will seek to replace the current pickup frames with a fully shielded box.

Kickstand:  The patent pending kickstand is magnetically latched and spring assisted.  This means that the stand is held closed using magnets that latch to a steel plate which doubles as a shielded guitar electronics access cover.  The spring is used to connect the stand to the guitar and to fully extend the stand when it is opened.

3/1/2017           Check out our Kickstarter Press Release below!

Bergstok Music Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Reversible, Modular Pickup, Freestanding Guitars

Kickstarter Campaign runs from 3/1/2016 through 4/6/2017

Bergstok Music is a small manufacturer located near Rice Lake, Wisconsin, in the USA.  They design and manufacture musical instruments and accessories, and are seeking Kickstarter backing to launch production of two of their guitars, the AxeM and the R103.

These guitars incorporate the following patent pending features into a single platform:

  • full reversibility for left or right handed players
  • modular free-form pickups allowing placement of pickups in unlimited position combinations
  • built in kickstand that allows the guitars to stand by themselves

Guitar Features

Reversibility:  The reversibility of these guitars is achieved using a symmetrical guitar shape, a patent pending reversible bridge, a patent pending reversible nut, and pluggable volume and tone controls.

The bridge uses saddles that extend above and below the bridge plate to maintain intonation when it is flipped over for left or right handed players. The nut uses a block with a plate that turns around for left or right handed playing, and a couple of screws that locate the nut to the neck and double as a height adjustment.

Sean Berg started Bergstok Music in 2012.  He is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin.  Sean says, “I built a few guitars for myself over the years simply because I could not afford a decent guitar at the time, and in doing so I was inspired to think of features that I would like to see in a guitar, especially since I am a left handed player.”  After working for 25 years in electronics manufacturing and IT, Mr. Berg, with the support of his wife Jenny, finally decided to take the plunge and try to build a guitar that reflected some of his wish-list features.  “That’s when the AxeM guitar and Bergstok Music were born.  The AxeM is the result of me bringing some of my guitar inspired ideas into focus, and Bergstok Music resulted from me wanting to do that for a living.”

Sean continues, “The other guitar, which I call the R103, incorporates the same features but has a different body style which may appeal to a different segment of end users than the AxeM.  I’m calling it the R103 because that’s the model number and I haven’t thought of a name for it yet.  In fact, I will be offering the chance to name this guitar as one of the Kickstarter rewards.”

The featured Kickstarter video was produced by Spectrum Entertainment of Lexington, KY:

You can support the Bergstok Music Kickstarter Campaign here:

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The guitars also feature a unique visual design that makes them literally stand out:  multiple body layers (three to be exact) with different shapes that form an overall 3D pattern reminiscent of a carving.  Says Mr. Berg, “The top and bottom layers are made of ash because I can source the wood locally, and it has a good grain pattern which shows up nicely through translucent finishes.  The middle layer is maple and directly contacts the bolt-on neck, which I believe helps with the overall tone and sustain of the guitar.”

​​​​Bergstok Music builds Reversible, Modular Pickup,

Freestanding electric guitars.  Made in Wisconsin, USA

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